Patriotic Front Chairperson, Lameck Mangani consulting after being told to disband his interim executive.

Eastern Province PF, Patriotic Front Chairperson, Lameck Mangani says that he needs to consult on a directive issued by PF General Secretary, Wynter Kabimba that he should disband his interim provincial executive committee.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Mangani says that it will be premature for him to state his position on the matter without consulting the party leadership.

Mr. Kabimba has directed that the interim committee be disbanded because it is not known by the PF, NCC, National Central Committee.

He says that Mr. Mangani should work with elected district officials when executing his duties than the interim committee, which is not recognized.

The PF in Eastern Province has been embroiled in leadership wrangles after the former provincial committee refused to recognise the interim committee.


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