Patriotic Front government accused of harassing leaders of the opposition parties to dismantle MMD.

Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD president, Nevers Mumba says that the PF, Patriotic Front government is harassing leaders of the opposition parties in an effort to dismantle the MMD.
Dr. Mumba who likened the PF acts to a biblical story, said that “the weep the shepherd and the sheep will scatter“ strategy is meant to destroy the MMD and other opposition parties in order to go back to the one party state, where President Michael Sata will be the only one to speak.
He however, said that such efforts by the PF will not work out, as the MMD will continue to talk about things that are not being done in the right way by government.
The MMD leader said this when he met part leaders and members in Chipata.
And Dr. Mumba says that MMD councillors have now become the major target by PF, after failing to buy Members of Parliament.
He explained that the PF is now trying to establish itself in Eastern Province and other parts of the country by buying off councillors to join the party.
Dr. Mumba who described councillors as “an endangered species” cautioned MMD councillors in Chipata district to be on the lookout and avoid causing unnecessary by-elections.
Meanwhile, MMD provincial chairperson, Alexander Miti says that the devil should work on all those who have left the party to join the PF.
Mr. Miti says that such people are selfish and ungrateful to the party, which helped some of them in their lives.
He however, said that the party in the province has remained strong.
And Chipata district chairperson, Sinoya Mwale pointed out that the people, who have left MMD to join the PF, are rejects of the party that did not even have clear positions as to where they belong.
He said that all genuine MMD members have remained loyal to the party.
And Mr. Mwale says that the MMD in Chipata district will not stop talking about problems such as hunger that people are facing.
He also called on Dr. Mumba not to be discouraged from talking about people’s problems because of the continued arrests and harassment from the PF.

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