Patriotic Front Party cancels a decision by councilors in Kasenengwa Constituency

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Eastern Province has cancelled the decision by councilors in Kasenengwa, to choose a vice chairperson for Kasenengwa district council.

PF Provincial Acting Chairperson Joseph Kolosa says constitutionally, councilors blundered in choosing a vice chairperson for Kasenengwa district council because the council does not have a chairperson.

Speaking to journalists, after PF officials held a meeting with councilors yesterday, Mr. Kolosa says once a council chairperson is elected, the ruling party will direct, who amongst the councilors will be elected vice chairperson.

Mr. Kolosa says councilors had chosen Chiparamba ward councilor Gladys Soko as vice Chairperson for Kasenengwa district council, while Chipata City Mayor Sinoya Mwale had allegedly given a directive that his deputy becomes a vice chairperson for Chipangali district Council.

He says some party officials have proposed Kanjala ward councillor William Phiri to take the position of deputy mayor for Chipata City Council.


Mr. Kolosa says the party will assemble and look at the recommendation, stating that people feel that Mr. Phiri is capable of providing positive checks and balances to the mayor.

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