Patriotic Front Party confusion in Chipata Central Constituency resurfaces.

The two suspended PF, Patriotic Front Chipata Central Constituency committee members have refused to recognise their suspension.
Chairlady Ruth Chimba and Treasurer, Menyani Sakala, have both described the suspensions as illegal, stating that party procedure was not followed.
Miss Chimba says that there was nothing wrong with her raising questions to seek clarification of certain party matters during a meeting.
She says that the PF constitution also provides for the person facing any disciplinary action, a chance to explain his or her side of the story, which the constituency leadership did not do.
And Mr. Sakala says that he has been suspended for escorting a business person, Moses Mawere to donate items to help the poor.
He wondered why the constituency committee would be offended by such a gesture, when the PF has been saying it is a pro-poor party.
Last week, Chipata Central Constituency chairperson, John Mkhazika suspended the two, for gross indiscipline.
The suspension letters dated 1st January and signed by Mr. Mkhazika, indicated that the two, have been suspended for among other things, rising against the vice chairperson at a failed meeting, and inviting suspended members to attend the meeting.
The letter also indicates that the two have been suspended for inciting members not to recognize provincial chairperson, Lameck Mangani, despite being shown his appointment letter from president, Michael Sata.

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