Patriotic Front Party goes for EWSC MD

Patriotic Front PF Party Provincial Secretary, Joseph Kolosa has accused Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Lytone Kanowa of taking advantage of the massive cleaning exercise to make the ruling party unpopular in Chipata district.

Speaking during a meeting held by the PF party in the showgrounds yesterday, Mr. Kolosa charged that it is surprising that only houses in Chipata are being demolished when the water company has presence in all the districts of Eastern Province.

He charged that the party is aware that Mr. Kanowa is against the Patriotic Front government and is therefore trying to weaken the party in Chipata which is its stronghold.

And Eastern Water Managing Director Lytone Kanowa says that he will not be dragged into politics as his mandate is to provide clean and safe drinking water to the twenty thousand paying customers the company has in the province and nothing else.

He says his company has no mandate to demolish structures as that is done by the council who can either act on the technical advice the company gives or  not.

Mr. Kanowa says that it is true that over one hundred and twenty structures in the district are built on top of underground water and sewer lines.

He says demolishing these structures is not only to protect the company infrastructure which if damaged would interfere with the service of supplying water to customers, but also safe guarding the lives of the people living in houses, which are on top of these lines as they are a time bomb waiting to happen.

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