Patriotic Front Party notorious Jimbos in Chipata make a public apology for their mischievous actions.

Some Patriotic Front PF youths, who belonged to the infamous group popularly known as Jimbos have openly apologized to other party members.

The youths, who are believed to have been harassing people that were against droppedPF provincial chairperson, Lameck Mangani declared that they no longer belong to the Jimbos group.

They made a public apology during a PF meeting in Chipata yesterday.

Frank Mwale, who spoke on behalf of the ex-Jimbos, explained that the group decided to work with the rest of the party in order to ensure that the PF grows and becomes stronger in the province.

They also charged that they will not allow anyone to form parallel structures in the PF.

And Provincial Chairperson, Atan Mwamba described the PF in the province as born again.

He urged members to put aside quarrels that had rocked the party, and focus on building it.

Meanwhile, several party officials and members who spoke at the meeting, urged the newly appointed chairperson to foster unity in the party.

The members also urged Mr. Mwamba to be paying attention to other districts as well, instead of just focusing on Chipata.

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