PAZA challenges IBA closurer of three stations

The Press Association of Zambia PAZA has described as illegal the move taken by IBA, Independent Broadcasting Authority to suspend broadcasting licenses for Muvi TV, Komboni and Itezhi Tezhi radio.

PAZA President Andrew Sakala says that the suspensions are premature and illegal because the IBA Board breached the Act by not giving the three stations an opportunity to defend themselves.

Mr. Sakala states in a statement availed to Breeze News that under the IBA Act of 2010, it is mandatory for the Board to give a broadcasting station an opportunity to defend itself before a licence can be suspended or cancelled.

He says that according to inquires carried out by PAZA, none of the three stations were given an opportunity to be heard by the IBA Board, which renders the board’s action null and void.

Mr. Sakala has demanded that the board rescinds its decision and follow the law before action can be taken.

And Muvi TV general manager Coaster Mwansa says that the station currently has no response to the action taken by IBA.

Meanwhile MISA Zambia was this morning expected to hold a meeting with IBA in addressing the matter involving the suspension of broadcasting licenses for the three stations.

IBA yesterday suspended broadcasting licenses for the three stations for what it described as unprofessional conduct, which has brought risk to national peace and security.

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