Peaceful nominations please AVAP

The Anti-Voter Apathy Project, AVAP in Eastern Province has observed that the just ended nominations for aspiring candidates were peaceful.

AVAP Provincial Coordinator, Maumba Ngoma told Breeze News that no political party was seen engaging in violence during the filing in of nomination papers.

Mr. Ngoma says all the Mayoral, Parliamentary and local government nominations were held in a peaceful manner.

He urged all the aspiring candidates and their political parties to continue upholding peace during and after the August 11th general elections.

And Mr. Ngoma has observed that the voter education facilitators do not have enough information to educate people on why they should vote Yes or No in a referendum that will be held alongside the general elections on August 11.

He says this is because the ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia manual that they are using does not have enough information on the referendum.

Mr. Ngoma has appealed to ECZ to provide more information on the referendum so that people know why they have to vote.

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