People advised against stigmatising prisoners.

The Zambia Correctional Service has discouraged people from stigmatising inmates.

Regional Commanding Officer Chief Superintendent Moses Chipokolo says that this is because everyone can come into conflict with the law and get jailed.

Speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM, Superintendent Chipokolo further explained that prisons are no longer about punishing people but transforming offenders into useful citizens.

He says that this is why government decided to change the name of the Zambia Prisons Service to Zambia Correctional Service.

Superintendent Chipokolo says that name of people who are jailed is also being changed from prisoners to correctional inmates.

He also explained that correctional inmates are now being empowered with various life skills where they sit for exams under TEVETA and Examination Council of Zambia to assist them after being released.

Meanwhile Superintendent Chipokolo has invited people to attend the Africa Correctional Day, which will be commemorated on Monday next week.

He says that the Zambia Correctional Service will exhibit a number of items that deal with their operations and that of correctional inmates.

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