People from various sectors in Chipata welcome the amended constitution.

The signing of the constitutional bill into law by President Edgar Lungu has brought joy among some stakeholders.
Former Provincial chairperson for the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution, Maxson Nkhoma, says that Zambians must appreciate that the country now has an amended constitution, although it has not been enacted through a referendum as many people wanted.
He says that the bill that was signed into law yesterday, contain some of the major progressive clauses that Zambians wanted to be included in the constitution.
Mr. Nkhoma says that those, who did not support the amendment of the constitution through parliament must come to terms with the fact that being a stakeholder, does not mean all their wishes should have been followed, as there were others with different wishes and ideas.
However, Mr. Nkhoma has expressed surprise with the fear of some councilors that they may not stand in this year’s general elections, due to the new constitutional requirement that anyone standing as a councilor must have a Grade Twelve certificate.
Mr. Nkhoma says that councilors like many other Zambian citizens, were part of the stakeholders, who fully participated in coming up with the desired laws.
He says that councilors were therefore fully aware of the inclusion of this requirement since 2011 when the consultative process started and should have prepared themselves by sitting for grade twelve examinations.
Mr. Nkhoma says implementation of the amended constitution must start immediately and that such complaints should not be entertained.

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