People in Chipata call for policy to encourage diversification in the agricultural sector.

People in Chipata have called for a deliberate government policy to encourage diversification in the agricultural sector.
This came to light during a provincial poverty indaba organised by CSPR, the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction, in Chipata.
Participants at the indaba observed that funding is concentrated on maize production, ignoring other equally important agricultural needs such as livestock farming and extension services.
It was observed that most agricultural camps have no officers, a situation that denies farmers knowledge about new farming technologies that can assist in raising production.
The participants also observed that the poor status of feeder roads in most rural agricultural areas affects the farming.
Meanwhile, the participants also observed that there is need for the Ministry of Health to quicken the process of establishing a medical hub in the province.
It was observed that this would reduce the shortage of essential drugs, as rural health centres would easily have access to them, instead of waiting for medical stores in Lusaka.
The participants also observed that all zonal health centres should be provided with ambulances to ensure quick transportation of patients referred to bigger hospitals from clinics.

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