People in Chipata have been warned against transporting fuel in plastic containers.

The Energy Regulation Board, ERB, Consumer Watch Group in Chipata has warned people against transporting fuel in containers.
Chipata district consumer watch group coordinator, Martins Njekwa, says that some people have continued transporting fuel in containers which is not allowed.
Mr. Njekwa also observed that some people are buying fuel in huge quantities and keeping it in containers, thereby, creating an impression that Chipata is experiencing a fuel shortage.
He said that the group will now be more vigilant to ensure that the trend comes to an end.
Mr. Njekwa has also warned people who are smuggling fuel to neighbouring Malawi to immediately stop.
Recently, Ministry of Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary, George Zulu accused some fuel station operators of creating a false impression that Chipata is experiencing a fuel shortage.

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