People in Lundazi district advised to stop smoking in public.

People in Lundazi District have been cautioned against smoking in public.
Lundazi District Community Medical Officer, Allan Chisenga told Breeze News that the ministry is concerned with the rampant smoking habits in public places.
He explained the increase in health complications such as kidney failure, heart failure, stroke, cancer of the lungs, cardiac and hypertension in the district can be attributed to secondary smoking.
Dr. Chisenga says that smoking also affects non-smokers due to passive smoking.
He says that people who fail to follow the Public Health Act, which bars people from smoking in public, will be punished.
Meanwhile, Lundazi District Council Secretary, Mugubwi Simunkolomba says that the council will start conducting inspections aimed at sensitising the community on the dangers of public smoking.
The two were reacting to concerns by members of the public over increase in public smoking at the bus station, bars and the markets.

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