People of Eastern Province, advised not to allow politicians divide them.

People of Eastern Province have been advised not to allow division among themselves being championed by some politicians.
Zambia Direct Democracy Movement, ZDDM president, Edwin Sakala, says that easterners must continue working in unity and promoting peace.
He says that this should be done through giving President Edger Lungu full support.
Mr. Sakala says that President Lungu is a visionary leader, who is ready to see the province develop.
He says supporting President Lungu and remaining united cannot be termed as tribalism as being observed by other political parties.
Mr. Sakala says that Eastern Province is one region in Zambia, which has accommodated people from all over the country, a situation which rarely happens in other parts.
He observed that development in the province has been moving at a slow pace because easterners have allowed themselves to be divided.

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