People on ARTin Kasenengwa struggle to access CD4 Count services

People accessing HIV AIDS ART, Anti-Retroviral Therapy at Kasenengwa Clinic in Chipata say they have not had their CD4 Count tested for over nine months.

Some of the affected people who sort anonymity told Breeze News that health workers at the clinic have been telling them that the CD4 Machine for testing blood samples had broken down.

They said that health workers have been giving different excuses whenever they visit the clinic, adding that in some cases, they have been told that the health facility does not bottles for collecting blood samples.

They have challenged the Ministry of Health to tell them the truth as to what has gone wrong because people are tired of walking long distances without being attended to.

And when asked for a comment, Eastern Province Medical Officer, Abel Kabalo says he is not aware that a CD4 Machine has broken down at Kasenengwa clinic.

He however, advised people not to worry as the system is changing from testing CD4 count in a human body to that of the Viral Load.

Dr. Kabalo says the Viral Load system is meant at determining the number of viruses in the human body so that the viruses can be suppressed.

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