People with disabilities left out of polling staff

People living with disabilities in Chipata have complained of being side-lined during the recruitment of polling staff.

Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities Provincial Spokesperson, John Nyati told Breeze News that 14 people living with disabilities had applied as polling assistants and ushers but no one has been picked for the job.

Mr. Nyati complained that the recruitment of electoral officers has been marred by corruption this year.

He says ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia senior officials in the district have recruited relatives and friends while some names have been duplicated where one person is appearing in different polling stations.

Mr. Nyati has appealed to ECZ officials to considering hiring disabled people because they also have a right to participate in the election.

But when contacted for a comment, Chipata District Electoral Officer, Davies Musenge says there was no corruption in the recruitment of electoral officers because the process was done by various organisations and officers from ECZ.

Mr. Musenge says the disabled people who have been left out might be among people who failed the ECZ test they wrote to test their credibility.

Mr. Musenge however, urged the aggrieved people to table the matter with their returning officers to see how best they can be helped.

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