Petauke and Chadiza districts put Eastern Water in business loss.

Petauke and Chadiza districts are the highest contributors to the forty per cent business loss being recorded by Eastern Water and Sewerage Company.
Managing Director, Wamui Changani says that Petauke has the highest illegal connections while most customers are using substandard water pipes, which lead to water leakages.
Speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM this morning, Mr. Changani also explained that 70 per cent of water at the water tank in Chadiza is being lost due to leakages.
He said that it was a big task to reduce this loss to the acceptable 25 per cent because of these challenges.
And Mr. Changani revealed that Eastern Water and Sewerage Company is owed about 4 million Kwacha by government departments.
He has appealed to the departments to ensure that they pay the debts, stating that it will assist the company enhance service delivery.
Mr. Changani further indicated that government has directed all water companies in the country to put government departments on pre-paid meters to address the issue of debt.

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