Petauke District Hospital fails to reach its target of reducing malaria cases during the Indoor Residue Spraying program.

Petauke District Hospital has failed to reach its target of reducing malaria cases during the IRS, Indoor Residue Spraying program.
District malaria focal person, Robbie Mwansa has disclosed this to Breeze News in Petauke stating that this is due to a number of challenges.
He noted that no sensitization was done in the first 20 days of the exercise because no funds were sent or allocated for the exercise.
Mr Mwansa says it was hard for them to conduct the IRS, because of a lot of resistance from the community and people were more committed to farming than to the program.
He says that there was also inadequate number of supervisors for spray operators and no specific transport was allocated to the exercise at the beginning of the program.
This resulted in the district achieving 73 per cent instead of 85 per cent.
Mr Mwansa has appealed to the Ministry of Health to be allocating a good sum of money during such programs.

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