Petauke District’s maize production reduces by over 163,000 metric tonnes

This year’s crop forecast for Petauke indicates that the district has produced less than what it produced in the 2013-2014 farming season.
District Agriculture Coordinator, Mwaba Lubasi told Breeze News that the projected maize harvest is 121,220 metric tonnes compared to 284,000 metric tonnes recorded in the 2013-2014 season, representing a difference of 163,780 metric tonnes.
Mr. Lubasi says the whole district is affected by poor yields with the valley areas of Msanzala being the worst hit.
He says that the vulnerability assessment team is already in the field compiling a list of beneficiaries for relief maize.
Mr. Lubasi says the district has already released 50 metric tonnes of relief maize to all the wards to cushion the hunger situation.
A further 546,000 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize will be released soon.
Mr. Lubasi added that 80 per cent of relief maize will be food for work while the remaining 20 per cent will be given free to the aged, chronically ill and households that are headed by those who are 18 years and below.
The District Agriculture Coordinator attributed the low yields to the poor rainfall experienced during the 2014-2015 season.

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