PF accused of grabing NRCs and Voters’Cards in Vubwi district

The UPND in Eastern Province has accused the ruling PF of collecting NRCs, National Registration Cards and Voters Cards from people in Vubwi district.
Vice Provincial Chairperson, Alexander Miti claims that the PF cadres are threatening those who refuse to give them their documents that they will not be given relief maize.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Miti claimed that UPND has evidence where the PF was collecting the two documents in Mzebe, Chasaba and Ngozi ward.
He says that UPND is contemplating engaging ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia to fully investigate the matter.
But PF Provincial Chairperson, Andrew Lubusha dismissed Mr. Miti’s claims as lies, which are misplaced.
Mr. Lubusha wondered what PF would do with the two documents, adding that the ruling party is not involved in such activities.
He has challenged Mr. Miti to produce evidence of his allegations, adding that the UPND is scared of PF for unknown reasons.

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