PF accuses some ministers of failing to perform

The PF leadership in Eastern Province is disappointed with some cabinet ministers, who are failing to carry out their duties.
PF Provincial Chairperson, Attany Mwanza says that President Edgar Lungu is not supposed to handle issues, which can be easily handled by ministers.
In a statement availed to Breeze News, Mr. Mwamba says ministers should support the president so that they reduce his workload.
And Mr. Mwamba has advised people of Malambo Constituency to choose a Member of Parliament who will deliver development that has lacked in the area for a long time.
He says that the governing party is saddened to see that Malambo has not seen much development despite having had representatives in parliament.
Meanwhile Mr. Mwamba has condemned an alleged misunderstanding between two UPND senior officials in Eastern Province who went to an extent of fighting over money.
He has wondered what kind of leadership UPND can provide if they were to be voted in government, which he says will not happen.
And when contacted for comment, one of the officials involved in the fracas, Michael Chuzu denied that he had fought over money.
Mr. Chuzu explained that the strong misunderstanding never resulted into a fight as he was only rebuking the official for not involving his colleagues after he received some money from UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema for assessing UPND presence in Petauke Central Constituency ahead of the election.

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