PF aspirants petition over corrupt adoption process

Some people seeking to be adopted on the PF, Patriotic Front Party parliamentary ticket in Malambo Constituency have protested against how constituency and district elections were conducted.

According to a petition addressed to the district chairperson in Mambwe, four aspirants have complained of alleged corrupt practices.

They allege that some of their colleagues distributed an assortment of items and other gifts like mealie meal to the party structure and electorates in the constituency.

The aspirants indicated that they will contest the outcome of the nomination process if it was felt that the practice influenced the final decision.

They further called on the district leadership to investigate the matter to promote a level playing field.

Those that signed the petition include Malambo MP Jack Shuma, Henry Mtiti, Evelyn Chilongozi Banda and Amb Agnes Ngoma.

But PF Provincial Chairperson, Andrew Lubusha said that he had not seen the petition although he was aware of verbal complaints about the adoption process.

Mr. Lubusha however, dismissed the petition stating that whenever there is an election, such complaints are bound to emerge because people do not want to accept defeat.

Meanwhile Mr Lubusha expressed satisfaction with parliamentary aspirants that were interviewed yesterday from Nyimba and Musanzala stating that they were all credible and the competition was stiff.

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