PF cadres accused of harassing Monta Engel

Confusion involving PF, Patriotic Front Party youths on Monday and yesterday affected progress of road works on the Umodzi Highway in Chipata.
This was after PF youths decided to put up a car wash on a piece of land too close to where Monta-Engel is carrying out works near the turn off to Chipata College of Education.
Chipata Municipal Council Director of Planning, Namenda Kaonga, says that Monta-Engel had stopped working due to perceived harassment from the PF youths.
He however, says that the misunderstandings have been resolved and Monta-Engel have been advised to move back to site.
And PF Provincial Chairperson, Attan Mwamba, acknowledged the misunderstandings involving youths from his party.
Mr. Mwamba says that the party has apologized to both the council and Monta-Engel.
He assured Monta-Engel that the youths will not disturb the works, stating that the car wash will only start operating after the road works have been completed.

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