PF cadres implicated in illegal selling of land in Chipata

Government has directed police and Chipata Municipal Council to stop people from developing structures on a land near the railway line in Aslot area.
Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu told Breeze News that some people claiming to be cadres from the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party have given out plots in Aslot area.
Mr. Zulu says that the people giving out plots are not genuine PF members, adding that the council is not aware of the development as the land in question is near the railway line and cannot accommodate any structures.
He warned people who have purchased land in the area to stop putting up any structures because they will be demolished.
Mr. Zulu has advised people to be following legal procedures when purchasing land.
He explained that only the local authority has the mandate to allocate land to people, adding that any person that does not have authority from the council to own land is doing it illegally.
The District Commissioner has also warned the alleged PF cadres from selling land stating that they risk being arrested.

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