PF says UPND petition will not work

The Patriotic Front PF Party has dismissed the petition against President Edgar Lungu’s re-election, which UPND will file in court today.

PF Provincial Chairperson for Elections, Samuel Lugomo Phiri says that the petition lacks merit because President Lungu won the election.

Speaking during a Radio Programme dubbed “Political Hour” on Breeze FM, Mr. Phiri says the PF is not worried because it has confidence in the credibility of the Constitutional Court.

And Mr. Phiri dismissed insinuations from UPND that people in Eastern Province voted on tribal lines.

He says that statistics show that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema got more votes from Eastern Province than what President Lungu got in Southern Province.

Meanwhile speaking during the same programme, PF Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Bright Chihana took a swipe at FODEP, Foundation for Democratic Process accusing them of misleading people on the just ended elections.

Mr. Chihana stated that FODEP President Shepard Chilombo alleged that there were irregularities in the number of votes, which president Lungu got in Lundazi Central when infact not.

He stated that Mr. Chilombo, who is a civil servant, working in Chipata should have verified his facts before issuing a public statement, which is false.

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