PF senior official ditches the ruling party

Patriotic Front PF Party Provincial Chairperson for Elections, Samuel Lugomo Phiri has ditched the ruling party for MMD, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Phiri said that he was merely appointed to the position of PF Provincial Chairperson for Elections and never left the MMD.

Mr. Phiri indicated that he was going back to MMD as a mere member after having saved as provincial secretary before he left.

And MMD Vice President, Ruben Mtolo Phiri also confirmed Mr. Lugomo Phiri’s decision to re-join the former ruling party.

Mr. Phiri says that former MMD Provincial Vice Chairlady. Suzen Ngoma, who had also left to join PF, has also re-joined the MMD.

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