PF youths and a council official differ over plots

A misunderstanding has ensued between some Patriotic Front PF party youths in Chipata and Director of Planning at Chipata Municipal Council Kaonga Namenda.

The youths from the ruling party have accused Mr. Namenda of working against government and being a UPND sympathizer.

In a letter addressed to President Edgar Lungu availed to Breeze News, the youths have appealed to the head of state to transfer Mr. Namenda.

The 15 youths allege that Mr. Namenda has vowed to make the council fail because he is frustrated after the UPND lost the August 11 general election.

But when contacted for comment, Mr. Namenda described the accusations as rubbish, stating that he will not be forced to make wrong decisions.

Mr. Namenda explained that he has become unpopular among some youths that have been attempting to get plots without following procedures.

He challenged the youths to provide tangible evidence that he has been working against government.

Mr. Namenda also alleged that he was being victimized because of his tribe as the youths have indicated that a person from Eastern Province would have easily given them the plots, an accusation which the youths denied.

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