Plans are underway to build a first government university in Eastern Province.

Plans are underway for the allocation of land for the construction of a first government University in Eastern Province.
In an interview with Breeze News, Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala says that the Chipata Municipal Council is in the process of making a layout plan for the district.
He says that once it is done, it will be easier to allocate land for the construction of a university as well as other amenities.
And responding to concerns from local contractors over issuance of more building contracts, Mr Mushala says that contracts below 50 thousand kwacha are usually given to the local contractors while those above are open to both foreign as well as local contractors.
He urged local contractors to ensure that they put up excellent work because contracts are given based on merit and not otherwise.
Mr Mushala further urged contractors to go into partnership with foreign investors if they lack certain expertise or resources.
Meanwhile, Mr Mushala has expressed concern over the influx of alcoholic drinks commonly known as tujilijili coming in from neighbouring Malawi.
The permanent secretary says that the alcoholic drink was banned and that it is illegal for traders to bring in the liquor from outside the country.
He says that those importing tujilijili are doing so illegally and that if found will be prosecuted.
Mr Mushala further noted that the Chipata Municipal Council need to seriously look into the matter as it is within their jurisdiction to ensure that the banned liquor is not found in the markets.

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