Police cautions transporters against engaging in business of transporting illegal resources.

Transporters in Eastern Province have been cautioned against engaging in transportation of illegal resources.
Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote, says that people, who allow their trucks to transport illegal materials such as Mkula logs, risk losing their vehicles through forfeiture to the state.
He explained that the law provides that a vessel used in the conveyance of biological resources should be forfeited to the state upon application by the state.
Mr. Sibote says that this will help in ensuring that not only people dealing in Mkula trade are punished, but even tools they use are grabbed from them.
He says that the police will use every possible legal means to end the rampart trade of Mkula.

Mr. Sibote says that there are so many legal businesses that people engage in, but wondered why many have chosen to continue dealing in illegal Mkula trade.

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