Police disappoint High Court Judge

Lusaka based High court judge, Justice Florence Lengalenga has expressed disappointment with the conduct of police officers when recording statements from complainants.

Justice Lengalenga says police officers are always in a hurry when recording statements from people without verifying facts.

She says this makes it difficult for the court to relate statements written by police officers to that which is given by a witness in the courts.

This came after two Juveniles who were testifying in a matter in which their uncle was badly beaten and died, told the court that the police did not read out the statements back to them when recording it in July last year but made them sign.

Justice Lengalenga wondered why the police are always in a hurry to make people sign on statements without verifying by reading statements back to the person that has given it.

Meanwhile, two juveniles have testified in the Chipata High court how their uncle was badly beaten, which led to his death last year in Lundazi district.

The court heard how the two boys aged 16 years old witnessed their uncle, Christopher Mumba being beaten by his friend Raphael Botha in M’celeka village in Chief Mphamba’a s area in Lundazi district.

Christopher Mumba later died at a hospital in Lundazi, a day after the beating.

Trial in the matter continues.

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