Police fight running battles with some Mambwe residents over UPND illegal political rally.

Police yesterday fought running battles with some Mambwe residents who wanted to attend a meeting by UPND, United Party for National Development.

Confusion started around 11 hours when the police fired teargas to disperse people who gathered in Masumba area waiting to be addressed by UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema.

The residents responded by throwing stones at the police and in the process some goods in shops were looted by some people who took advantage of the confusion.

The meeting did not take place forcing Mr. Hichilema, who was supposed to be in Eastern Province for ten days to immediately travel back to Lusaka.

Meanwhile the Hotels Catering Tourism and Allied Union Workers of Zambia in Eastern Province have condemned the heavy presence of police in riot gear in Mambwe District in the past two days.

Regional Organising Secretary Zepheniah Kaleya says that there was no need to instil fear in people by deploying so many police officers.

Mr Kaleya says that the police service is supposed to offer protection to the people and not to intimidate them.

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