Police get tough on political parties participating in Petauke by-election

Police in Petauke has advised political parties taking part in the June 30 parliamentary by-election to adhere to the Public Order Act.

Officer-in-Charge, Robert Ngosa also says that the political parties should respect the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Speaking to Breeze News in Petauke, Mr. Ngosa says that police will not tolerate any misbehaving by any political party.

He says that police has deployed enough officers to ensure that there is peace during campaigns and voting time.

The officer-in-charge has also warned all the people who will be found removing political campaign posters that they will be arrested and prosecuted.

Meanwhile the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party has dismissed allegations that it is bribing voters in Malambo Constituency.

Provincial Chairperson, Attany Mwamba has told Breeze News that the PF does not have money to throw around.

Mr. Mwamba says that the party has only given money to its campaign team to buy food and fuel for vehicles involved in the campaigns.

He says that some opposition political parties were uncomfortable with PF because government has embarked on so many developmental projects.

Mr. Mwamba instead accused UPND of being involved in vote buying.

The UPND early this week complained that the governing party was dishing out money to people to corrupt their minds into voting for their candidate.

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