Police in Chipata have arrested two people for smuggling 1000 bags of maize into neighbouring Malawi.

Police in Chipata have confiscated 500 by 50 kilogram bags of maize out of the 1,500 bags believed to have been smuggled into neighbouring Malawi.
Police have also arrested two people in connection with the smuggling of the commodity.
Eastern province police commissioner Grace Chipalila has confirmed.
Mrs Chipalila has named the two people arrested as Patience Kuliwa a deport Clerk at Jerusalem FRA, Food Reserve Agency depot and Javan Daka a Chipata business man.
Mrs Chipalila says police have managed to recover 500 bags while 700 are believed to have already been ferried into Malawi.
Mrs Chipalila states that Kuliwa has been charged with theft by public servant while Daka has been charged with theft and the two have been released on bond awaiting appearance in court soon.

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