Police investigations reveal dangerous driving and overloading in Luangwa bus accident.

Police investigations have revealed dangerous driving and overloading in the bus accident, which claimed 14 lives on the Great East Road on November 30.
Police Spokesperson, Charity Munganga Chanda says that this is evidenced from the testimonies that police recorded from the surviving passengers.
Mrs Chanda says that the passengers indicated that the driver had difficulties with the braking system and that they made stops on the way because the vehicle was boiling.
She has further stated that investigations have revealed that the bus, whose seating capacity is 60, had 65 passengers on board including the bus conductor.
This does not include the five infants, who according to the law are not considered as passengers because they were below the age of four.
Meanwhile the Police Spokesperson says that 10 out of the 14 bodies have been identified, post-mortem conducted and have since been buried.
She says that four male bodies are still lying in UTH mortuary awaiting identification.

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