Police launch manhunt for armed criminals

Police in Chipata have instituted an investigation into an incident where armed criminals attacked a man of Moth area and got away with property worth 19 thousand kwacha.

Eastern Province Police Deputy Commissioner Sharon Zulu has named the complainant in the matter as Samson Zulu.

Ms. Zulu says the incident happened on Monday this week at about 22 hours at Mr. Zulu’s residence.

She says on the material day at around 22 hours, Mr. Zulu’s son was outside the yard and that he was ambushed as he was going to open the gate to enter the house.

Ms. Zulu says the criminals who were armed with a pistol and iron bars got hold of him and ordered him to knock at the door of the house.

She says in the process, Mr. Zulu opened the door, thinking that it was  his son who was knocking, but that he was surprised to see that his son was being carried by intruders, armed with a pistol and iron bars.

She adds that in fear, Mr. Zulu gave the criminals 7,000 kwacha cash and about ten cell phones that were in the house, after they demanded money from him.

Ms. Zulu says that after being given the money and cell phones, the criminals locked all the family members in one room.

She explained that after sometime, the criminals left, stating that the complainant managed to break the door from the room where they were held captive and discovered that his pistol and a laptop were stolen.

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