Police Public Complaints Authority says police should abuse power

The Police Public Complaints Authority says that people have the right to demand for accountability if police are abusing their powers.
Chairperson, Judge James Mwanakatwe says that this is because operations of the police are funded using tax payers’ money.
Breeze FM Correspondent in Chadiza District, Christopher Banda reports that Judge Mwanakatwe was speaking during a sensitisation workshop on operations of the Police Public Complaints Authority.
He further explained that the Police Service is one of the most important institutions and therefore, must provide a safe environment for all.
And Judge Mwanakatwe warned the Police Service against brutality, corruption and the use of abusive language to the public.
He stated that the community must be treated with respect while the community must also work with the police to create a friendly atmosphere and curb crime.
Meanwhile Judge Mwanakatwe observed that most people in rural areas are not aware of the operations of the Police Public Complaints Authority.
He says that there is need for various stakeholders like traditional leaders and heads of government departments to be involved in educating people on the operations of the authority.
And speaking during the same function, Acting Chadiza District Administrative Officer, Rodgers Chileshe said that police must be cautious of the human rights issue when applying the law.
He said police have powers to use reasonable force on a suspect resisting arrest but that the amount of force must be equal to the amount of resistance to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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