Police warns to arrest those involved in electoral violence.

Opposition political parties planning to destroy ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia equipment, which will be used to transmit election results electronically, risk being arrested.

This is according to a statement availed to Breeze News by Police Spokesperson, Charity Munganga Chanda.

Mrs. Chanda has further warned political parties, who are planning to cause confusion or any form of violence during and after the elections that they will be arrested and taken to court.

She says that there are enough officers on the ground to handle any violence situation that may arise.

And police has urged electorates in the five constituencies where they are by elections today, to move freely as they cast their votes and report any incidence to the nearest police officer.

Mrs. Chanda says the role of the Zambia Police is to provide security and protection to the electorates, ECZ officials and government equipment as well as the stakeholders, who will be taking part in the by-election.

Meanwhile Mrs. Chanda has reiterated the need for the participating political parties, electorates and all stakeholders to abide by the electoral code of conduct

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