Political parties start registering 100 supporters for presidential candidates

Some opposition political parties yesterday started the process of registering their 100 supporters for presidential candidates.

The political parties that gathered at Chipata Municipal Council told Breeze News that their parties were registering their cadres who will later travel to Lusaka to support their candidates for nominations.

The political parties included People Alliance for Change PAC and FDD, the Forum for Democracy and Development.

Eastern Province Interim Chairperson for PAC Mackson Nyirenda and FDD Chipata District Secretary Dingan Maimisa said that their parties were mobilizing 100 cadres each to support their leaders.

According to ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia guidelines, each presidential candidate is supposed to produce 100 supporters from each of the 10 provinces in the country.

The ECZ has set May 30 to June 3rd as dates for nominations of presidential candidates.

Parliamentary candidates will file in their nominations on May 31 while nominations for mayoral and other local government candidates will take place on May 30.

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