Poor accountability delays works of constructing a shelter at Saturday Market

Construction of a market shelter at Saturday market in Chipata has delayed.
Market Chairman, Peter Soko says that the 80 thousand Kwacha project, which started mid last month was expected to be completed before the end of August.
Mr. Soko says that he suspects some illegalities in the delivery of materials for the construction work, because he has not been informed how much material has been bought and how much money has been spent so far.
Mr. Soko threatened to take the matter to the Permanent Secretary, if the council does not show him a delivery note for the construction materials.
Once completed, the market shelter will accommodate more than 200 marketeers.
And Mr. Soko says all illegal street vendors, who were trading along Umodzi Highway have been accommodated in the market.
He says the traders will continue operating from the market even after the completion of the road works by Motor Engil, in order to maintain sanity at the market.

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