Poor buying prices force some farmers in Eastern Province to withhold their cotton.

Some cotton farmers in Eastern Province are reported to be withholding their produce because of poor buying price.
And Cotton Association of Zambia CAZ Board member, Michael Banda says that there is nothing wrong with farmers not selling their cotton if they are not happy with the buying price.
Mr. Banda told Breeze News that it is important for farmers to study the market especially if there are signs that the prices could be reviewed upwards.
Meanwhile Mr. Banda says that the buying price offered by cotton buying companies reflect a true picture of what is currently prevailing on the international market.
He explained that cotton prices on the international market have gone down.
Mr. Banda however, says that cotton companies should not have the same buying price because each company has its own expenditure.
Cotton farmers have complained that the price of 2 Kwacha 40 Ngwee, which is lower than the price for last marketing season, is too low.

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