Poor infrastracture at Chipata Show ground worries stakeholders

As the gates to this year’s 41st Eastern Province Agricultural and Commercial Show open to the public today, concern has been raised about the poor state of infrastructure at the show ground.

Chipata District Farmers Association CDFA and Kapata Ward Councilor Naphtali Banda ,say the show ground does not show seriousness.

CDFA Coordinator, Virgil Malambo told Breeze News that the show ground has now been turned into a residential area ,with poor infrastructure and without proper sanitation.

Mr. Malambo stated that if Eastern Province is to showcase what it is offering to the world, the provincial agricultural and commercial Show ,should be held from an area which shows seriousness.

And Kapata Ward Councilor, Naphtali Banda stated that the current state of infrastructure at the show ground, cannot attract foreign exhibitors.

Mr. Banda stated that he is not surprised that all along, only local exhibitors have been participating in the show.

He pointed out the need for the show society, Ministry of Agriculture and Chipata City Council, to find another place where such an important event can be held from, especially that Chipata is now a City.

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