Poor rains to affect water supply in Chipata between August and September this year.

Chipata will face a serious water shortage later this year due to water levels at Lutembwe Dam One and Two, which are expected to reduce between August and September.
Company Spokesperson, Henry Kashoki has confirmed stating that the situation is expected to be worse than last year due to poor rains.
Mr. Kashoki says that this calls for serious conservation of water so that the district does not face a serious erratic supply of water.

He noted that the company has noticed that some of the construction companies working on roads are sucking huge quantities of water from a river that feeds one of the dams.
Meanwhile Mr. Kashoki has revealed that some schools and higher learning institutions in Eastern Province have opted to go for borehole water supply system to avoiding paying bills.
He noted that these learning institutions were among the huge debtors of the 8.2 million Kwacha owed to the company.
Mr. Kashoki says that he is concerned that the quality of water being supplied to pupils might not be meeting the required standards.
He wondered how the schools would meet up to the Menstruation Hygiene Day, which has emphasis on promoting hygiene among female pupils.

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