Poor state of Chipata-Chadiza road irk motorists

Some motorists in Chadiza have complained over the poor state of Chipata-Chadiza road and other roads in the district.

Speaking to Breeze News, John Phiri and Nasson Tembo stated that traveling on the Chipata-Chadiza road, which used to take about an hour, now takes three hours.

The due also stated that Chadiza-Chiswa road via Zemba, which people were using as an alternative route, is now the worst road.

Mr. Tembo says that motorists are now forced to use a longer route by going through Chanida border to Katete district and then Chipata.

The motorists have appealed to government to intervene before serious accidents happen as some motorists, who do not want to use longer routes are still using the Chipata-Chadiza road.

The construction of the Chipata-Chadiza road stalled in 2014 due to lack of funding from government.

Early this week, Provincial Minister, Makebi Zulu indicated that all stalled road works will resume after the rains are over because they have been included in the 2017 national budget.


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