Poor state of roads in Lundazi’s Chilola Ward worries villagers

Chilola Ward Councillor, Ford Chipeta in Lundazi district has bemoaned the poor state of roads in his area.
Mr. Chipeta says that the state of most roads in the ward is in such a deplorable state that government needs to move in quickly.
He however, indicated that he was aware that it was a challenge to work on the roads because the ward has too many rivers including Lundazi River.
And Mr. Chipeta says that the poor state of the road network in the ward has resulted in farmers facing serious challenges to market their farm produce.
He explained that crop buying companies including FRA, the Food Reserve Agency were reluctant to visit the area because of bad roads.
Meanwhile Mr. Chipeta has welcomed a project by Cross Border Network of Africa, which is meant to improve the production of Red Onion in Chilola Ward.
He says that he is convinced that people who grow Red Onion have the capacity to improve production if they are given the necessary support.

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