Poor town planning in Chipata causes road works challenges

Poor planning of Chipata Central Business area is posing a challenge to some of the utility companies to relocate their installations as rehabilitation works on Umodzi Highway start.
Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Public Relations Officer, Henry Kashoki explained that there is a building belonging to one of the filling stations, that has been built on top of one of the water pipes that is supposed to be relocated to pave way for the works.
Mr. Kashoki says that the Water Utility Company has written to the council regarding the matter and is still waiting for a response on the way forward.
He expressed disappointment that no consultations were done with Eastern Water and Sewerage Company when giving the filling station the construction site for the building.
Mr. Kashoki warned that the Water and Sanitation ACT gives authority to the utility company to demolish any buildings constructed over water and sewerage lines.

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