Poor workmanship emerges at the newly constructed Show Grounds market in Petauke district.

Some councillors in Petauke district have expressed concern on the quality of works on the newly constructed Show Grounds Market.

Nyika Ward Councillor, Kelvin Phiri says that there is need for the contractor, who carried out the project to revisit the works.

Mr. Phiri says that the works are not satisfactory as the floor of the market has shown signs of defects barely a month after traders started using it.

And a check by Breeze News revealed that the floor is in a deplorable state as it is coming out.

Meanwhile traders have also added their voice to concerns over the works carried out.

One of the traders, Elizabeth Phiri noted that it was unpleasant to trade from such an environment especially that sanitation at the market is not up to the required standard.

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