Potholes that have developed on some recently tarred roads shock Chipata Municipal Council.

Chipata Municipal Council says that it is shocked with the extent of damage on recently tarred township roads.
Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga says that the roads have become an inconvenience because they have developed a lot of potholes.
Mr. Kaonga told Breeze News that the local authority will seek audience with Sable Construction Company to find out why potholes could develop on roads, which were recently tarred.
She also expressed shock that shoulders of most roads have been eaten up.
Ms. Kaonga further indicated that the council expected the contractor to understand the type of terrain in Chipata so that the tarmac should have been strong enough.
She also indicated that the local authority will raise the issue of poor drainage system that has seen siltation on most roads due to running water from the hills.
And when contacted, Sable Construction Company Managing Director, Nazir Aloo says that he will send his engineers to carry out an assessment before issuing a public statement.

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