Power outages have hit Lundazi district, which receives electricity from Malawi.

Consistent power outages have hit Lundazi district, which receives electricity from Malawi.
Consumers in the district especially the business community have expressed concern over the matter, stating that the unplanned power cuts are disturbing their business.
And ZESCO in Lundazi district has clarified that the power outages the district has been facing in the past days is not part of the national load shedding programme.
ZESCO Lundazi Branch Manager, Elizabeth Namakando has told Breeze News today that the situation is beyond their control as power in the district is being sourced from neighbouring Malawi.
Mrs. Namakando stated that although there has been no official correspondence from Malawi’s power utility firm ESCOM, it is reported that the country is also experiencing low generation of power.
Meanwhile the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi ESCOM has warned its customers throughout the country that they will continue to experience frequent and prolonged load shedding “within the foreseeable future” due to insufficient generation capacity.
ESCOM said in a statement today that in addition to the already existing insufficient electricity generation and transmission capacities, the situation has been compounded by reduced water levels in Lake Malawi and the Shire River, which are the major sources of water for hydro power electricity generation in the country.
Projections, says ESCOM, are that the trend will continue to worsen to the end of the dry season.

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