Power outages in Lundazi district paralyze NRC issuance exercise.

Power outages in Lundazi district have almost paralyzed the ongoing National Registration exercise.
A check by Breeze News around the district yesterday found that people have been waiting for days to get their NRC’s.
People talked to stated that they have not been issued with NRC’s because of frequent power outages.
And Lundazi District Registration Officer, Christopher Makowani stated that the exercise has slowed down due to power cuts.
He explained that the district has been experiencing unnecessary power cuts from Wednesday last week, which has paralyzed the exercise.
Efforts to get a comment from ZESCO management failed by News time as the Area Manager was reported to be out of town.
Lundazi receives power supply from neighboring Malawi, where the power company in that country ESCOM is also facing power supply challenges due to low water levels at its power plants.

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