Pregnant women in Chadiza district shun a local clinic due to lack of delivery privacy.

Most pregnant women in Tafelansoni Ward of Chadiza district are reportedly shunning from delivering from a local clinic.

Ward Councillor Morris Zulu says most mothers in the area do not deliver from the health posts because the maternity wing is attached to the outpatient department.

They said that this provides little privacy, which is making the women unconfortable.

He has called on government to expand the clinic as it is a zonal center and helping more than 2,000 people.

And District Commissioner, Paul Phiri says that the clinic will be upgraded, especially the maternity wing.

Mr. Phiri also advised the area councillor to put the project under CDF, the Constituency Development Fund.

He says that the PF, Patriotic Front government is very committed to the mothers to have safety and health deliveries.

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